Support After Abortion

This is a project that I have envisioned for years and I am so excited to finally be able to announce that beautiful people with the same vision have crossed my path and helped drive this and bring it to life.

When I went through this experience, there was no support offered to me. There was nowhere to turn to help me process my grief and move forward in a safe and healthy way with people who genuinely cared and understood my pain. Instead, I buried all of my emotion under shame and guilt while running as fast as I could in the direction of denial and depression. I do not want the same for you. That path ends here, with this group.

Erin Bonner is a Registered Psychologist with a beautiful gift when it comes to processing and working through grief. Her and I will be facilitating the Support After Abortion group at Maliya Wellness Centre for Women.

This workshop has been designed with every woman in mind who has gone through the painful experience of choosing to terminate her pregnancy whether that be 20 years ago, 1 year ago, or a process you are going through right now. We recognize that there are limited supports available that create a safe, accepting space for you to process your grief and emotions. In our time together we will offer loving support, grief education, and practices to move you through your healing process as we guide you along your path of self discovery. There will be a total of 6 in person sessions, commencing upon adequate registration numbers for the group. We want it to be small and intimate yet still have enough of us for connection and support.

We hope to see you there as you take the brave and courageous step forward in your healing journey.

To begin the registration process, please visit the Maliya Wellness Centre for Women website or click the link below.

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