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A safe place where we can gather to overcome trauma and emotional blocks through mindset realignment and spiritual connection.


Amanda Blaire Wellness is built on a foundation of both unmatched pain and equal strength. This is a community of people who can come together in trauma and leave spiritually connected. This is where you can safely come home to yourself.

My purpose is to guide you so that you can uncover your true self, whether you’re just getting to know them or are becoming reacquainted with them. I will ask you some tough questions and guide you through a deep journey within where you will find spiritual connection to yourself and the world around you. I will help you overcome emotional blocks and trauma so that you can live a happier, more fulfilled life with everything that has been within you all along. 

Be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone, away from your limiting beliefs, and into your true self.

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Meet Amanda

My journey began in an attempt to find happiness and a sense of purpose. It took many years of anxiety, dark nights of the soul, and misery to see that I was heavily lacking spiritually. In this time, I searched high and low for answers as to what would complete me.

Why weren’t my romantic relationships sticking? Why were they always so dramatic? Why did I feel so incomplete alone? How come I had no idea what I wanted out of life when everyone else seemed so sure? Why did I have such a hard time forming genuine connections?

I spent loads of money on books, workshops, courses, and coaching yet never felt like I found what I was looking for. I always needed one more course or just one more book. I was stuck in a delusion that just one more thing of whatever it was would fix me. I was determined to have the answers miraculously appear before me without once turning inward to see what I might find. What I didn’t understand back then was that everything I needed was already within me.

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Amanda Blaire Wellness

Founded in 2022 by Amanda Blaire in Alberta, Canada.

Amanda is available for limited speaking events. To inquire, please fill out the “Contact Us” section below.

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