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Catching Energy Series

The moon is one of our most powerful sources of energy. During the Catching Energy Series, Amanda will take you through a spiritual practice that includes divine guidance, meditation, and connection to help you deepen your spiritual connection to nature while harnessing the energy of the moon. These classes take place within 48 hours of either a New or Full Moon to get the maximum benefit from the experience.

Support After Abortion

This is a 6 week workshop created in part from the foundation of Amanda’s spiritual healing after the termination of her pregnancy.

“I hit an all time emotional low with no way of knowing how to recover. I stumbled along for years without support before realizing there was a desperate need for women like me to have a safe place to turn. Welcome to that safe space. I don’t want it to take 5 years for you to come to terms with your decision and finally feel a sense of peace. Whether you terminated your pregnancy 20 years ago, 1 year ago, or are going through the decision making process now – this workshop is for you. I have partnered with Erin Bonner, Registered Psychologist, to help develop this group and offer to you starting this September.” – Amanda

Spiritual Wellness Coaching

We often spend time taking care of our physical health, yet many of us neglect our spirit. Our overall wellness is crucial to our happiness and health in every sense. Amanda has completed the 200 hour YTT and also holds certifications in Spiritual, Shaman, Success, and Yoga Life Coaching. By using spiritual and mindset realignment techniques both new and old, Amanda will work with you to help you break through your energetic blocks so that you can step into the life you were truly meant to live. Happiness and more fulfillment guaranteed.

Wellness Retreats

These workshops are designed with women’s wellness in mind and will take you on a journey of the soul. Workshops include yoga, guided meditations, journal prompts, spiritual connection, and sense of community.

In addition to her own retreats, Amanda will be presenting at others throughout Southern Alberta. More information will be posted as dates are finalized.

Moon Readings

The energy of each full and new moon is incredibly powerful. Tap into what it means for you with a moon reading using both tarot and oracle cards specifically created for working with moon energy.


90 Day Joy Journal

Journaling is a therapeutic tool for processing emotion. The 90 Day Joy Journal includes 45 journal prompts, one for every second day, as well as daily gratitude and joy practices that Amanda uses in her own spiritual journey. This journal is designed to help you feel uplifted and more joyful through the pits and peaks of your day.

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Have you ever wanted more? Have you caught yourself day dreaming about what a life with more fulfilment might look like?
This podcast is full of golden nuggets that Amanda has used along the way. This is her map to more.

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